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How to Re-Mortgage your home with Mortgage Finder

Re-mortgage and mortgage rates will always depend on your credit history. If you have a clean credit history you will probably find that you can be offered the best mortgage deals available in the UK. If however, you have missed payments or have CCJ's or generally just a poor credit history then fewer re-mortgage lenders will be keen to offer you a mortgage deal that is as attractive as those with a clean credit history. It is however still possible with the right advice to find the right mortgage and remortgage for you.

Remortgage through us and our mortgage team will search the whole mortgage market for the best mortgage and remortgage deal available that suits you and includes information on all High Street Lenders as well saving you the time.

More and more UK homeowners are looking to save money on their mortgage and so they should so it could be worthwhile to research and plan this now even if you have a little while to go before your existing mortgage is ready to review.

Mortgage rates have dropped considerably over the last few years therefore Re-mortgaging isn't nearly as much hassle as most people think - particularly if you use our remortgage online service to search for the best mortgage deal for you. Our advisers will administer your re-mortgage for you from beginning to end simply making it all even less effort than you first imagined.

Re-mortgaging is much simpler than buying a new home because the deeds of the property are already registered in your name. If you choose to change to a different mortgage rate deal with your existing lender, the process to remortgage is even simpler however it is always best to compare your existing lender's mortgages with others in the market place before you make your final decision and that is where we can help as we include that as part of our remortgage service.

If you do choose to switch to a new lender, only a few steps are involved. If you choose to re-mortgage with us even these few steps involve minimal hassle, since we help manage the whole process for you with the lenders, valuers and solicitors on your behalf.

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